For Young People

Drama and film classes build your confidence, voice, movement and team skills through theatre games, character work and story telling. Opportunities to perform for family and the public during the year!

StageFlight is a registered Creative Kids provider and a registered employer with the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian.

Classes Start Term 3

  • Currently all community halls in the Bega Valley are closed to the public. If this changes before the start of Term 3, we will let you know.
  • Otherwise, we propose to  provide StageFlight after school classes online using ZOOM.
  • You’ll need to have a device that is capable of capturing video and sound (works with Windows/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android devices).
  • Download the Zoom Client or Zoom App for your device here (free). You do NOT need a Zoom account, just the Zoom Client or App.

How to Enrol

  • Read the Terms and Conditions of enrolment
  • Find your Class below and click the ENROL NOW link below it. Choose your Payment Method(s) when you enrol.
  • We’ll send you an invoice after you’ve enrolled with payment details
  • Once you’ve enrolled and paid, we will email you a link to your Zoom class.
  • All communications are via email – please ensure you check your emails regularly and pass on details to your student.

Class Structure

  • After school classes run for 8 sessions per term starting in week 2 of each school term. There are no classes on public holidays.
  • Minimum: 6 students  Maximum: 8 students per class
  • If a class does not reach the minimum number of students, we may offer students the opportunity to join another class, subject to availability. Share our class details with friends!
  • Students can cross into the next level class at depending on confidence/skill level or age, or choose to stay with friends/siblings in the same class.
  • Contact us to discuss which class would best suit your child if you are unsure.

Payment Methods

  • Select your payment method on enrolment. Zoom links will only be emailed once payment has been made.
  • Earlybird rate applies up to 7 days before class start date.
  • No refunds can be given once term classes begin. If you know before the start of term that you will be away for part of the term, please contact us before you enrol
  • CREDIT CARD Mastercard/Visa through Trybooking – 50c credit card processing fee applies
  • DIRECT CREDIT to our bank account
  • CREATIVE KIDS VOUCHER free from Service NSW – up to $100 per year per student – enter the full voucher details when you enrol. Any remaining balance over $100 to be paid by direct credit or Mastercar/Visa.

Classes Available Term 3

  • MONDAY PRIMARY 1 – CONTINUERS (ages 8 to 10)
    ONLINE 4.30 – 5.30PM
    For students who have had at least one term of drama classes. We will rehearse a play together online and record it as a performance you can share with your family!
    $115 / $100 Earlybird rate
    ONLINE 4.30-5.30pm
    $115 / $100 Earlybird rate
    For students who have attended drama classes for at least one year or who have had drama experience elsewhere
    We will rehearse a play together online and record it as a performance you can share with your family!
  • MONDAY SECONDARY (ages 12 to 16+)
    ONLINE 5.30-6.30pm
    $115 / $100 Earlybird rate 
    This class is for secondary students who just love drama and film and it fills the gap for students who can’t take it as an elective at school or who want extra drama practice!
    We will work on  drama pieces together online and record it as a streaming performance or recorded perfomance you can share with your family or add to your showreel.
  • SENIOR SECONDARY 16+ years
    See Individual Tuition or Adult Workshops.

How our Zoom Classes Work

  • Once enrolled/paid we’ll email you a Zoom invitation link – this link needs to be accessible when you are ready to go online for your class.
  • If you haven’t already, install either the Zoom Client or the Zoom app on the device that you will be using – download from here:
    Zoom works on Windows or Mac computers, iPads, iPhones and Android devices. You do NOT need to sign in to Zoom and you do NOT need to have a Zoom account.
  • When it’s class time, click on the Zoom invitation link that we sent you by email. Click JOIN MEETING and enter student’s FIRST NAME (do NOT click SIGN IN – if your device is already signed in to a different Zoom session, you will need to sign out first before clicking the Zoom invitation link)
  • You’ll be in the online ‘Waiting Room’ until your tutor admits you into class.
  • Your tutor will check that video and sound are working. Call us on 64957435 if you have problems connecting.
  • Depending on the device you’re using, you may have an option to VIEW GALLERY or GALLERY MODE – this lets you see the other students in class.
  • Make sure you sit close enough for us to see your head and shoulders only and that you don’t have too much light behind you (we need to see your face clearly, not your room!). A desk lamp in front of you may be handy for this.
  • During class the tutor may ask you to turn off your own camera/mic or turn it off for you – you’ll still be able to see the tutor and any other students who may be performing a scene etc. The reason we do this is because Zoom moves the focus to the ‘current speaker’ and if background sounds are happening, it picks up on that instead of the people currently performing. It also helps to reduce the amount of bandwidth being used.
  • If you need to ask your tutor a question, raise your hand when your camera is on or use the Chat function.
  • Chat messages go to everyone in the class – you cannot send private messages to individuals or the tutor.
  • Once class is finished, click LEAVE MEETING.
  • Any questions or concerns? Contact us.

Coming to Class – General

  • Wear comfortable clothes and closed-in flat shoes with soft soles (no thongs, sandals or heels) OR bare feet (socks alone are too slippery).

  • Bring a filled water bottle and make sure you’ve eaten a healthy snack before class – if you’re hungry and thirsty straight after school you’ll quickly run out of energy! (please avoid sugary stuff).

  • From time to time, the tutor may ask you to bring some props or costume items or ask you to do some homework before the next class. Details will be sent home via email – please ensure you read emails regularly.

Absences/Running Late Please text or email the tutor if you know you are not coming to class or are going to be more than 5 minutes late. This is good manners. Unexplained absences will be recorded. Students who attend an average of at least 6 classes or more per term will receive an Attendance Certificate from StageFlight at the end of Term 4.

Illness/Injury Please don’t come to class if you are sick or injured. Some of our activities involve physical movement and you risk making your illness/injury worse or passing on your illness to others. Please text or email the tutor if you can’t come to class. Absences explained before class begins will not affect your attendance record.

What NOT to bring Pets, smoking, drug and alcohol consumption are not permitted anywhere or any time within or around the venue. (it’s OK to have your pet with you if you are in an online class!)

Mobile phones and other devices can be brought in bags in case students need to contact parents before/after class, but they are not permitted to be used during class unless specifically allowed by the tutor (eg for script reading or note taking or for online classes). If a student continues to use a device without permission during class, the tutor will ask the student to leave the device on the tutor’s table and to collect it at the end of class. If a student does not have a mobile phone but needs to call a parent, the tutor will have a mobile phone available.

Before Class Starts Please go to the toilet before class begins and wash your hands! Let the tutor know if you need to be excused during class.

Parents and Other Family Members Parents/carers are always welcome in our classroom, particularly when students are coming to class for the first time. If your child is finding it difficult to settle into class without you and you need to leave, please discuss your child’s needs with the tutor. If you are waiting for your child’s class to finish, please wait quietly at the back. Wheelers Takeaway Cafe is open until 6pm on a Tuesday if you need a late cuppa! We encourage families to attend class performances and/or major performances later in the year. StageFlight also offers separate classes for adults if you are interested.

Unfortunately we cannot provide supervision for children other than those who are enrolled as students – siblings or friends of students must not be left in class without carer/parental supervision. We are not an “after school care” service.


Students under 16 are not permitted to leave the venue during or after class unless accompanied by a parent or authorised carer, or students live close enough to walk or ride home, with parental permission.
Name(s) and contact detail(s) for authorised carers/collectors MUST be listed on the enrolment form or otherwise notified to the tutor in writing, and students must be informed about after-class collection arrangements. Students are asked to wait in the hall until you collect them. Online class material will only be sent via parent/carer emails.

All tutors are required to have verified Working With Children Checks and induction training. Parents/carers are provided with the details they need to verify tutors online at the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian. We also welcome input from parents, carers and students on how we can improve our classes and policies to ensure a safe environment for our young people. If you have any concerns at any time please contact the Director.

Photos, videos, sound recordings As a performing arts school, digital images/recordings are sometimes used in class activities for providing feedback to students, recording costume or makeup designs, recording dialogue for line learning purposes, student filmmaking or for marketing/archival purposes. When you enrol, you give permission for StageFlight to make and use these recordings. Please read our full terms and conditions and contact the Director if you have any concerns.

Safety Online


If you are auditioning for roles at theatre companies, for film or for tertiary entrance, we are happy to provide a reference based on your participation in class activities and performances. A solid attendance and participation record at drama school will be one of the factors that work in your favour.

StageFlight is sometimes asked for recommendations for young actors for theatre/TV/film/ad work. We do not give out contact details to agents. If the agent provides appropriate business credentials, we will pass the agent’s contact details to parents/carers who can then decide whether to proceed after doing their own appropriate checks as to the bona fides of the agent and the job in question. We take no responsibility for third party offers.