2019 The Crimson Firefly Circus

directed by Lis Shelley

A performance by the StageFlight Youth Ensemble

This play has been licensed by the Australian Script Centre australianplays.org



Pambula Town Hall, 13 Quondola Street Pambula NSW

  • Sat 21 September 2pm &  6pm
  • Sun 22 September 2pm
  • Fri 27 September 6pm
  • Sat 28 September 6pm


What is the secret of the The Crimson Firefly? A full length mystery!
Jack Bertolucci’s circus loses its big top tent in a big storm in a small town in Australia. Zena, a fortune teller, arrives with a bag of cash to save the circus. Penelope Pertwee, whose mother Dorrie lies ill in hospital, is sent by her local newspaper editor Mrs McKnee to the circus to take photos and find out the story behind the mysterious benefactor. Meanwhile, street kid Fingers is trying to make good in the circus, until former ‘friends’ Smart and Rat catch up. Other circus performers are Marika the tightrope walker, Alphonso the horse trainer, Tiny the acrobat and Chaos the head clown. Zena’s former husband, Christos de Rivera Y Ladrone, an aging racing car driver and casino owner, sends a Dark Stranger from Bogota in Colombia South America to Australia to track down his child and heir. But who is the real Crimson Firefly? There is a kidnapping, and our heroes must use their circus skills if they are to escape. There is music, humour, pathos, tumbling, juggling and tight-rope walking…





Dorrie – Skylar Roberts
Penelope Pertwee, a young reporter – Amelia Miller
Mrs McKnee, the newspaper editor – Annabel Walsh
Jack Bertolucci, the circus boss – Lochinvar Goodwin
Chaos the Head Clown – Zoe Spencer-Schnabel
Zena the Fortune Teller – Georgia Raczkowski
Alphonso the Horse Trainer – Dixie Dunstan
Fingers the Street Kid – Quinn Lyons-Guthrie
Marika the highwire walker – Sienna Spencer-Schnabel
Christos De Rivera Y Ladrone, billionaire playboy and racing car champion – Maggie Bourke
Dark Stranger – Zoe Spencer-Schnabel
Tiny the circus performer – Maitreya van de Scheur
Smart, a street kid – Lani Ruth
Rat, a street kid – Elise Brodie
Franco, Ladrone’s bodyguard – Tate Lyons-Guthrie
Messenger – Lani Ruth
Stranger 2 – Macey Woodhouse
Stranger 3 – Tate Lyons-Guthrie
Young Zena – Dixie Dunstan
Young Ladrone – Maggie Bourke
Clowns – Macey Woodhouse, Maitreya van de Scheur, Elise Brodie, Lani Ruth, Tate Lyons-Guthrie


Director – Lis Shelley
Tutor – Peta Burchell
Assistant Stage Manager – Skylar Roberts
Circus Skills Tutor – Gabriela Green
Costumes – Robyn Whitby – Bus Stop Costumes
Sets – Greg Whitby & Dave Rogers
Stage Crew – Karl Auer
Lighting & Sound – Gerry Corcoran GCLX, Nathan McKeogh
Artwork – Jared Auer
Photos – Sun Hee Ruth, Lis Shelley & Rik Schnabel


Di Johnson