2019 The Crimson Firefly Circus

by Sandra Shotlander
directed by Lis Shelley


6.00pm Tuesday 14 May at Pambula Town Hall

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2-4pm Saturdays during term at Pambula Town Hall


Large and small speaking and non speaking roles.

Chorus roles (largely physical theatre) play clowns, villains, tent pullers, gamblers


What is the secret of the The Crimson Firefly? A fast-moving full length mystery!
Jack Bertolucci’s circus loses its big top tent in a big storm in a small town in Australia. Zena, a fortune teller,
arrives with a bag of cash to save the circus. Penelope Pertwee, whose mother Dorrie lies ill in hospital, is sent
by her local newspaper editor Mrs McKnee to the circus to take photos and find out the story behind the
mysterious benefactor. Meanwhile, street kid Fingers is trying to make good in the circus, until former ‘friends’
Smart and Rat catch up. Other circus performers are Marika the tightrope walker, Alphonso the horse trainer,
Tiny the acrobat, Chaos the head clown. Zena’s former husband, Ladrone, an aging racing car driver and casino
owner, sends one of his henchmen – Dark Stranger – from Bogota in South America to Australia to track down
the Crimson Firefly. There is a kidnapping, but our heroes escape with the help of circus skills before the final
secret is revealed. There are heaps of comic clown/villains/ villagers and other chorus parts (but no singing!).
There is music, humour, pathos, tumbling, juggling and tight-rope walking…


20 – 28 September 2019

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