2014 Treasure Island

19 and 21 December 2014 Mandeni Family Fun Park Merimbula


StageFlight Drama School in association with Footprint Theatre presented 4 shows of Treasure Island by Les Winspear, directed by Lis Shelley.

Arrrgh me hearties!

In the tradition of “The Wind in the Willows” and “Ferdinand the Bull”, director Lis Shelley is taking another family play outdoors, this time to Mandeni Family Fun Park on Sapphire Coast Drive. Audiences are invited to bring along hats and a picnic rug or cushion to sit on as they journey with the cast to three different locations to reach “Treasure Island”.

The cast of 16 actors, ranging from 8 to 15 years, have been studying drama for up to two years with StageFlight Drama School’s After School Program. Pambula’s Footprint Theatre is also supporting the production, by providing crew and mentoring the young actors.

Based on the original story by Robert Louis Stevenson, Tasmanian playwright Les Winspear has adapted this light-hearted version of the play with many tongue-in-cheek elements. The heroine of the story is Jemma (not Jim) Hawkins, an adventurous 18th century lass played by Lisa Bond. Accompanied by mild-mannered Doctor Livesey (Macklin Powell), she encounters rogue pirate Long John Silver (Jared Auer) moonlighting as a hot dog seller, and meets numerous pirates and other shady characters on her search for Treasure Island.

Prominent folk musician Steve Wilson from Wyndham plays his concertina in support of several rousing choruses including pirate favourite “Fifteen Men on a Dead Man’s Chest”, “The Wild Sea”, “Take-Oh”, “Good Time Holiday” and “Heave Ho” with a rendition of “Cheese” by mozzarella-obsessed marooned sailor Ben Gunn (Alicia Munt).

Audience participation is guaranteed as children and adults are invited before the show to make pirate hats and have their faces painted before becoming honorary pirates.

Cast Members

Featuring the students of StageFlight Drama School …


Jemma Hawkins Lisa Bond
Doctor Livesey, Jemma’s Tutor Macklin Powell
Mrs Hawkins, Jemma’s mother Erin Koenigkamp
Captain Billy Bones Maggie Schweitzer
Blind Pew, a pirate Ffion Roberts-Thompson
Black Dog, Blind Pew’s companion Anais Gould
Hawker, a street seller James Zalakos
Shady, a street seller Sam Zalakos
Spiv, a street seller Natalie Smith
Long John Silver Jared Auer
Captain Smollet, Doc Livesey’s cousin Seraina Elia
Bilge Rat Bart Zach Hooker
Cut Throat Sam Rory Munt
Poison Pete Niamh O’Duibhir
Nasty Jack Lochlann O’Duibhir
Ben Gunn, a marooned sailor Alicia Munt
Musical Pirate Steve Wilson
Also featuring the rowboat sailor… Peter O’Brien


Supported by Footprint Theatre & Parents of StageFlight students:

Director Lis Shelley
Backstage Crew Karl Auer, Kerry Hynes, Judy Shelley,
Gwyneth Roberts, Penelope Hunt
Front of House Louise Yeoman, Lorea Elia, Bruce Powell
Costumes & Props Robyn & Greg Whitby – Bus Stop Costumes