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This page has links to lots of useful stuff about theatre and film. If you’re serious about theatre or film, you’ll want to find out as much as you can. When you’re ready to do your own production, there are links here to help you too..If any of these links are broken, please let us know so we can update or remove them.

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Read About Theatre

Here are some sites where you can read more about theatre or join in forums about theatre. Please note some of the forums may require a minimum age to join.

Visit Theatre

To learn about theatre you need to go and see theatre!
All of these companies in or near our region stage productions through the year – next time you’re in their town, why not see what they have on?

South East Region NSW

Canberra ACT

Illawarra NSW

Sydney and further afield

Tips for Actors

Here are some tips, exercises and techniques you can use at home or before a rehearsal or audition.

Tips for Directors

Here are some useful articles for when you feel you might like to try directing…

Find A Script

Before you stage a play you need to buy or obtain a perusal copy of the script. You will need to seek permission to stage the play and pay royalties to the script writer, their publisher or agent. You’ll normally need to use the Australian agent for a script that comes from overseas.

Find a Venue

Once you decide to put on a performance, you’ll need a venue to rehearse and/or perform in. Unless you’re performing street theatre or are at some special event or festival, you’ll probably want somewhere that has a stage, somewhere for the actors to change, toilets, kitchen, lighting and sound facilities. You’ll generally need to pay a hire fee and book well in advance (up to 12 months in some cases) and have appropriate public liability insurance. If you perform in a public place other than a theatre or hall, you’ll need permission from the local council or local authority.

Costume, Makeup, Sets and Props

Here are some places to research and buy costume items, theatre makeup and materials for your sets and props.

Lighting, Sound & Other Equipment

Training from a qualified designer/operator is strongly recommended, but some theory is also useful:

As well as buying sound effect compilations, you can search, preview and purchase sound effects and production music online from sites such as:

You’ll still need to make sure that you correctly license or get permission to use any music (live or recorded) for your show or film, or if you play music in your venue preshow. Even if it is royalty free, you may still need to get permission or pay a small fee, and ensure you include a credit with the licence details in your film credits or program.

In Australia, music licensing is handled by:

One Music Australia which incorporates:

Some software to edit and cue your sound effects and music for stage will make life easier. Try:


These businesses sell and hire equipment and provide lighting, sound and video services in the Bega Valley:


So. you’re ready to put on a show but how will you sell your tickets? Apart from taking cash at the door, or phone bookings, there are a number of low cost ticketing options that allow you to sell your tickets upfront and online 24/7. They may charge a credit card handling fee per ticket or per transaction or both. Here are just a few:


Want to get into film? Here are some links that can help you. There are some legal requirements that affect filmaking, so it’s good to read up first. Issues like copyright, profit sharing, permission from local authorities to film in public areas, contractual agreements with cast and crew (even volunteers), cast & crew health and safety etc.

Further Study

If you decide to take up a career in theatre, TV or film, here are just some of the places you can undertake further studies or do some short courses:

Find a Job