StageFlight Enrolment Terms and Conditions


By signing/submitting the enrolment form, the student (or parent/guardian if student is under 18) acknowledges and agrees to the following enrolment conditions:

StageFlight reserves the right to:

  • make amendments to programs without prior notice or to cancel a course
  • merge published age groups and structure classes as required
  • refuse enrolment as permitted by law or to ask a student to leave a course if they are regularly disruptive, consistently late or have not paid fees by the due date.
  • take and use photographs, videos and sound recordings of course participants for teaching, promotional and archival purposes and public screening or broadcast

Digital Media and Copyright

Form time to time StageFlight uses and makes photo, video and sound recordings in class, rehearsals and performances for teaching, archival and marketing purposes. Material recorded by tutors remains the copyright of StageFlight and the tutor. Participants may not make recordings (sound, video or photos) of any activities at StageFlight and recordings of class work are not provided to students unless explicitly allowed by the Director (eg if students create a film during class time for a film festival). Where recordings of class work are provided to students, this material remains the copyright of StageFlight and can only be used by the participant for personal use, may not be copied, sold, screened publicly, published on the Internet, or submitted to festivals or school projects unless written permission is granted by the Director of StageFlight.

Health and Safety

StageFlight management and tutors are committed to providing a safe learning environment.

Students and parent/guardians should ensure they have adequate water and nutritious food to sustain energy levels, particularly if they are coming to class from school.

If a student is ill or injured, they should not attend class. In some circumstances – and only after discussion with and agreement by the tutor – a student may attend, provided appropriate measures and modified activities are implemented to protect them and others from harm (eg if a student has a leg in a cast, can safely move to a chair with crutches and can be seated to perform class activities).

If a student falls ill or sustains an injury during class, the tutor will inform a guardian/parent (or next of kin), and if warranted, ask them to collect the student from class immediately. Should a tutor deem it necessary for an ambulance to be called, any costs will be incurred by the student or their guardian/parent.

You must advise StageFlight in advance if a student has allergies or health issues that may affect their ability to fully participate and/or require medication or other care while attending a course. Care instructions must be given in writing so that the tutor knows when and what self-management the student is capable of (eg using an asthma inhaler) or when more advanced management may be required (eg using an epipen, calling a carer, calling an ambulance). A first aid kit and AED is to hand, however tutors cannot be responsible for the administration of medication or ensuring suitable health precautions are in place to suit all participants.

Students and their parents/guardians acknowledge that class activities can be physical and occasionally strenuous. Closed in, flat shoes with some  grip should be worn for all classes (runners are ideal). No thongs, open sandals or high heels (unless part of a performance costume).

You understand and voluntarily assume all innate and obvious risks associated with the course, including, but not limited to all risks of personal injury and any losses caused by or arising from acts or omissions of the course coordinator and staff. You indemnify StageFlight against any proper claims, costs or damages arising from any breach of these Terms and Conditions.

Working With Children Check

All tutors, including guest tutors, are required to have a current and verified Working With Children Check before working with StageFlight students. Parents/carers will be advised of the details they need to verify a tutor’s Working With Children Check online by email when enrolment is confirmed, or can contact us at any time for details. Should a student under 18 arrive for a group class and be the only student to turn up for a session, the tutor will cancel the class no later than 10 minutes after the scheduled start time and call a parent/guardian who will be asked to collect the student immediately.

A parent/guardian is always welcome to sit quietly and wait at the back of a class if they wish to, provided they do not participate in or disrupt class activities.

Supervision of non-students

Tutors cannot be responsible for children other than enrolled students. Siblings or friends of students are not permitted to come to class with a student or participate in activities unless they have also been enrolled. If they are in the room waiting for a class to finish, they must remain quiet and under adequate parental/carer supervision at all times.

After class arrangements

For safety reasons, after class arrangements for students under 18 must be noted on the enrolment form including who is going to collect them and how the tutor can contact them. For students under 18 but over 16 please indicate what mode of transport they are permitted to use to get themselves home. Please ensure your child understands the arrangements for each week and that all people authorised to collect your child are listed on the enrolment form together with their phone numbers. Should circumstances change, please advise StageFlight in writing where possible. If you arrange for another person to pick up your child after class, you MUST inform the tutor. and ensure that your student understands the arrangements for that day.

Late collection / no show

All children must be collected promptly at the end of the class. If you are running late, you MUST call the tutor. If you have not collected your child within 10 minutes of the class finish time and have not called us, we will call you or the authorised collector on the contact numbers provided on the enrolment form. A late fee of $15 per 15 minutes may be applied if you have not collected your child within 15 minutes of the scheduled class finish time. If we cannot contact you or an authorised collector within 30 minutes of the end of class, local police or the Dept of Family & Community Services will be contacted for advice.


Theatre is great fun but it can also be physically and mentally demanding. Students need to develop self-discipline in their approach to learning, active participation, working with others and listening to the tutor and other students when required. This allows all students to have a positive learning experience and become valued members of our theatre ensemble.

If a student is repeatedly disruptive to the point where other students are being adversely affected, the tutor will discuss with the parent/guardian and student whether the student wishes to continue attending and what behaviours need to change if they are to continue. If the disruptive behaviour continues, enrolment will be cancelled and no refund will apply.

We do not tolerate or condone the actions of anyone – tutors, students, parents/guardians or visitors – that constitute bullying and harassment towards anyone engaging with StageFlight and its associated activities. StageFlight complies with all laws and regulations associated with these matters.


Please choose your course carefully and advise of any planned absences before term begins. StageFlight cannot refund course fees once a course has started unless StageFlight cancels the course. If a class or course is cancelled part way through by StageFlight, the student will be offered a credit on subsequent classes – or if unable to attend later classes, a refund – but only for the unused portion of the fees.

Data Privacy

We use your enrolment details to:

  • Process your enrolment and payment of fees
  • Maintain a contact register for the class tutor in case of medical needs, emergencies during class or collection of children under 16 after class
  • Maintain a class attendance register for attendance certificate purposes
  • Assign appropriate class material based on age, gender and experience
  • Advise you of schedule changes, rehearsal times and items that may need to be brought to class or rehearsals from home
  • Advise you of performing arts events, workshops, auditions or performance opportunities by StageFlight and other bodies that may interest our students
  • We do not disclose your contact data to third parties outside StageFlight except as required under NSW and Australian law