Young People

StageFlight offers drama classes at Pambula Town Hall. Build your confidence, voice, movement and team skills through theatre games, character work and story telling. There will be opportunities to perform for family and the public during the year!

One-Off Workshops

These are held on an ad-hoc basis with professional guest tutors. See also School Holiday Workshops.

Weekly Classes – Bookings Essential


Weekly classes are limited to minimum 8 students, maximum 12 students, so  pre-enrolment is essential.

Classes generally run for 8 sessions each term and start in WEEK 2 of school terms. Enrolments from beginners are accepted in Terms 1 and 4 only.
See our Calendar for dates.
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  • Primary Class 8 to 10 years MONDAYS 4.00 to 5.15pm EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST ONLY
    8 x 1.25 hour sessions per term @ Pambula Town Hall
  • Primary Class 10 to 12 years TUESDAYS 4.00 to 5.15pm WAITING LIST ONLY
    8 x 1.25 hour sessions per term @ Pambula Town Hall
  • Secondary Class 12+ TUESDAYS 5.15 to 6.30pm  WAITING LIST ONLY
    8 x 1.25 hour sessions per term @ Pambula Town Hall
    This class is designed to “fill the gap” for those secondary students who love drama but can’t take it as an elective subject in high school.

Weekly Class Fees

  • Term fees must be paid by the end of week 1. You will receive an email invoice.
  • Weekly classes in 2018 cost $120 per term inc GST.
  • Late fees of $15 per 15 minutes are payable if children are not collected within 15 minutes of the end of class.
  • Our contact number during class time is 0438 957160. Leave a message if the phone is switched to silent during class.


  • 10% discount for multiple students from the same family (ie $108 per student)
  • 10% discount for Footprint Theatre members (ie $108 per student)

Payment Options

  • You can pay by Direct Credit to:
    StageFlight Bank: NAB BSB:082967 Acct Nbr: 653717797
    (please include student surname as reference or we won’t know who the payment is from!)
  • You can pay by cheque to “StageFlight” PO Box 94 Pambula 2549.
  • Please do not send cash with students.
  • Late fees of $15 per 15 minutes are payable if children are not collected within 15 minutes of the end of class.
  • Our contact number during class time is 0438 957160. Leave a message if the phone is switched to silent during class.

How to Enrol – All Students

  1. Important! Read the Terms and Conditions of enrolment
  2. Either complete the online enrolment form
    Download and complete the PDF Enrolment Form and email it to us
    (this also applies to continuing students to ensure we have all contact/medical/collector details up to date).
  3. Name(s) and contact detail(s) for all authorised carers/collectors MUST be listed on the enrolment form.
  4. We will invoice you for the fees due via email.
  5. Fees are due 7 days from invoice.

Enrolment forms must be completed, signed and given to the tutor before the student is accepted into class.
This is to ensure that we have medical, allergy information and parent/carer contact details on in case of emergency.

Individual Tuition

For students from 8 years to adult who are preparing for auditions, plays, speeches, performances, monologues etc who want to learn or practise particular skills. HSC Drama Students welcome.
$50 per hour ($25 per half hour). Please contact us to talk about what you need and to arrange a time.

Coming to Class

What to bring

  • Comfortable clothes and closed-in flat shoes with soft soles (no thongs, sandals or heels) OR bare feet (socks alone are too slippery).

  • Bring a filled water bottle and make sure you have had a healthy snack before class if you are coming straight from school – this is really important as drama games are quite physical and if you are hungry and thirsty straight after school or work you will quickly run out of energy and feel tired (please no lollies or sugary/energy drinks).

  • Toilets are located behind the hall. Just let the tutor know if you need to be excused during class.

  • Students under 16 are not permitted to leave the venue unless accompanied by a parent or authorised carer. Name(s) and contact detail(s) for authorised carers MUST be listed on the enrolment form.
  • From time to time, the tutor may ask you to bring some props or costume items from home or ask you to do some research before the next class. Details will be sent home via email.

What NOT to bring Pets, smoking, drug and alcohol consumption are not permitted anywhere or any time within or around Pambula Town Hall.

Absences Please call, text or email the tutor if you know you (or your child) are not coming to class. This is good manners, particularly if you want to become part of the theatre ensemble, so that the other actors and the director do not waste valuable time waiting for you in rehearsals.

Parents and Other Family Members Parents are welcome to attend the first session of the year and any performances later in the year. If your child is finding it difficult to settle into class without you, please discuss your child’s needs with the tutor. If you are waiting for your child’s class to finish, please wait quietly at the back of the classroom or wait in the Supper Room. We cannot provide supervision for children other than those enrolled as students – siblings must not be left with a student without carer/parental supervision. StageFlight also offers separate classes for adults if you are interested.

Warmups Each class begins with warmup exercises to prepare your voice, body and mind for the main class activities. It’s important that you arrive ready to jump straight in, so make sure you’ve had your snack/drink, been to the toilet, washed hands etc before class starts.

Illness/Injury Please do not come to class if you are sick or injured. Many of our activities involve physical movement and you risk making your illness/injury worse or passing on your illness. Please email or text the tutor on 0438 957160 if you can’t come to class or you will be marked “absent without explanation”. Absences that are explained before class will not affect your attendance record.

Attendance Certificate Your tutor keeps a record of class attendance. Students who attend an average of at least 7 classes per term, will receive an Attendance Certificate from StageFlight at the end of Term 4.

References/Recommendations If you are auditioning for roles at theatre companies or films, we are happy to provide a reference based on your participation in class activities and performances. A solid attendance record at drama school will be one of the factors that can work in your favour. We are sometimes asked for recommendations for young actors for theatre/TV/film work and will contact parents of young actors who we think might best be suited to roles.