StageFlight Ensemble

StageFlight Ensemble trains on SATURDAYS 2.00 – 4.00pm

  • Entry is by audition in Term 1
  • Previous theatre / film experience is generally an advantage

Next production will be in 2020 – Express your interest now

The ensemble will either:

  • rehearse and present a season of public performances in Term 3 OR
  • develop a short film for screening in Term 3

An information session for participants and their parents/guardians will be held in term 1.

You do not need to be in our After School classes to audition, but if you have no drama experience already, you may find them useful.

Students not selected as cast members or understudies will be invited to apply for crew positions:
lighting/sound/stage crew/camera assistant/production assistant/costume/assistant director/stage manager/front of house etc

If you apply for the ensemble you and your family will need to be 100% committed to attend training, rehearsals and performances / film shoots.

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