StageFlight Enrolment Terms and Conditions


By signing/submitting the enrolment form, the student (or parent/guardian if student is under 18) acknowledges and accepts the following enrolment conditions:

StageFlight reserves the right to:

  • make amendments to programs without prior notice or to cancel a course
  • merge published age groups and structure classes as required
  • refuse enrolment as permitted by law or to ask a student to leave a course if they are regularly disruptive, consistently late or have not paid fees by the due date.
  • take and use photographs, videos and sound recordings of course participants for teaching, promotional and archival purposes and public screening or broadcast

Digital Media and Copyright

Form time to time StageFlight uses and makes photo, video and sound recordings in class, rehearsals and performances for teaching, archival and marketing purposes. Material recorded by tutors remains the copyright of StageFlight and the tutor. Participants may not make recordings (sound, video or photos) of any activities at StageFlight and recordings of class work are not provided to students unless explicitly allowed by the Director (eg if students create a film during class time for a film festival). Where recordings of class work are provided to students, this material remains the copyright of StageFlight and can only be used by the participant for personal use, may not be copied, sold, screened publicly, published on the Internet, or submitted to festivals or school projects unless written permission is granted by the Director of StageFlight.

Health and Safety

Whilst tutors take care to provide a safe learning environment, students and their parents/guardians acknowledge that class activities can be physical and may involve the risk of accidents. You must advise StageFlight in advance if a student has health issues and/or may need medication while attending a course. Whilst a first aid kit is to hand, tutors cannot be responsible for the administration of medication or ensuring suitable health precautions are in place to suit all participants. Should a tutor deem it necessary for an ambulance to be called, any costs will be incurred by the student or their guardian/parent.

Working With Children Check

All tutors, including guest tutors, are required to have a verified Working With Children Check before working with StageFlight. Parents/carers will be advised of the details they need to verify a tutor’s Working With Children Check online by email or can contact us at any time for details.

Supervision of non-students

Siblings or friends of students are not permitted to be in class with a student unless they have been enrolled as students. If they are waiting for a class to finish they must be under adequate parental/carer supervision at all times.

After class arrangements

For safety reasons, after class arrangements for students under 16 must be noted on the enrolment form. Please ensure your child understands these arrangements and that all other people authorised to collect your child are listed on the enrolment form with their phone numbers. Should circumstances change, please advise the tutor in writing.

Late collection or no show – in-person classes

Children under 16 must be collected promptly at the end of the session. If you have not collected your child within 10 minutes of the class finish time, we will call you or the authorised collectors on the contact numbers provided on the enrolment form. A late fee of $15 may be applied if you have not collected your child within 15 minutes of the scheduled class finish time. If we cannot contact you or your authorised collectors within 30 minutes of the end of class, other authorities such as local police or the Dept of Family & Community Services may be contacted for advice.

Behaviour in Class

Theatre is great fun but it can also be physically and mentally demanding. Students need to develop self-discipline in their approach to learning, active participation, and listening to the tutor and other students when required. This allows all students to have a positive learning experience and become valued members of our theatre ensemble. If a student is repeatedly disruptive in class to the point where other students are being affected, the tutor will discuss with the parent/guardian and student whether the student wishes to continue attending classes and what behaviours need to change. If the disruptive behaviour continues, enrolment will be cancelled and no refund will apply.


Please choose your course carefully and advise of any planned absences before term begins. StageFlight cannot refund course fees once a course has started unless StageFlight cancels the course. If a class or course is cancelled part way through term by StageFlight, only the unused portion of the fees will be refunded.

Data Privacy

We use your enrolment details to:

  • Process your enrolment and payment of fees
  • Maintain a contact register for the class tutor in case of medical needs, emergencies during class or collection of children under 16 after class
  • Maintain a class attendance register for attendance certificate purposes
  • Assign appropriate class material based on age, gender and experience
  • Advise you of schedule changes, rehearsal times and items that may need to be brought to class or rehearsals from home
  • Advise you of performing arts events, workshops, auditions or performance opportunities by StageFlight and other bodies that may interest our students
  • We do not disclose your contact data to third parties outside StageFlight except as provided for under NSW and Australian law