We offer fun, relaxed classes in drama techniques for adults (minimum age 16 years) on an as-needed basis.

Please contact us if you are interested in an adult class – we need a minimum of 6 people to start a regular class or run a one-off workshop.

  • Prerequisite: No previous experience necessary.  Yr 11/12 English/Drama students who are looking for more practical experience are welcome.
  • See our full list of workshop topics below.
  • For more details contact us via our online form or call 6495 7435.

Coming to Class

Our contact number during class time (only) is 0438 957160. If you are running late or cannot attend a class, a call would be appreciated. Please leave a message if the phone is switched to silent. Please call our landline 6495 7435 at other times (the mobile only has network coverage when class is on).

What to bring

  • Comfortable loose clothing and closed-in flat shoes with soft soles OR bare feet (no thongs, sandals, high heels or slippery socks).
  • Bring a water bottle. If coming straight from work/study, bring a snack to help sustain your energy through class!
  • From time to time, the tutor may ask you to bring props or costume items from home or ask you to do some research before the next class. This will be advised in class or by email.
  • Family members and friends are of course welcome to attend any performances the group may choose to put on at a later stage, but please do not bring children or other family members to class who may distract you and other students. Focusing on the present is very important in drama class. We offer other classes for young people and people with a disability with an interest in drama.

What NOT to bring Pets, smoking, drug and alcohol consumption are not permitted anywhere or any time within 10 metres of the venue.

Free parking is available at the venue.

Warmups Each class includes warmup exercises to prepare your voice, body and mind for acting activities. Please arrive no later than the advertised start time!

Special Needs, Illness/Injury and Absences If you have any special needs, please make this clear on the enrolment form or contact us beforehand.  Please do not come to class if you are feeling ill or have an injury that will make class activities difficult for you. Many of our activities involve physical movement or floor work and you may risk making your illness/injury worse. Actors need their voices, so avoid bringing a cold into class! If you can’t make it or are running late, a phone call or email beforehand would be appreciated. We do not refund class fees unless we cancel a class. If you advise us before the start of the first class that you are going to be away for some period, an appropriate adjustment may be made at the discretion of the Director.

Attendance Certificate Students who attend class regularly will receive an attendance certificate from StageFlight.

Workshop Topics

Our tutors give workshops on the following topics – contact us if you would like us to tailor a workshop for your organisation.

  • movement, voice, breathing techniques, relaxation
  • monologue and dialogue work
  • improvisation exercises
  • script reading and character analysis
  • script writing
  • line learning techniques
  • monologue and dialogue work
  • techniques for improving confidence
  • street theatre
  • film vs theatre acting techniques
  • role playing for business training
  • essential rehearsal and performance skills
  • stage lighting and sound
  • costume and stage makeup
  • props and sets
  • puppetry
  • mask work and Commedia dell’Arte
  • film making iwth iPad/iPhone
  • film editing with iMovie
  • film editing with Adobe Premiere Elements
  • stop motion animation